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pfSense Tips and Tricks

Meaning of the rule IDs

If you need to know what particular Rule ID means, try to use url:





The rule that triggered this action is: @88 block drop in log quick on xxxxx reply-to (xxxxx aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd) inet all label “USER_RULE: Drop ALL”

Traffic Shaper

Thanks to hammerweb, we have got a nice How-To on the subcject. Please read this tutorial.

Remove "Gold" tab from pfSense

  1. Either SSH into your pfSense box, or in a browser go to Diagnostics –> Edit File.
  2. Edit /usr/local/www/ file.
  3. Comment out lines 334 through 341 - a list element with the “Gold” menus (as shown below):
   <li class="drop">
      <div><?php echo gettext("Gold"); ?></div>
      <ul id="diag" class="subdrop">
            output_menu($gold_menu, "_blank");
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