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My Crypto Details

This is a relevant cryptographic information for Abadonna.

This information is current as of Friday, September 12, 2014.



I am currently in the process of a GPG key transition. My previous GPG key has been revoked:

Key ID: AF3AC35D
4096-bit RSA
Fingerprint: F873 68E4 D425 6034 22FF 0D03 1488 5748 AF3A C35D

The most recent GPG key is:

Key ID: 82675E79
4096-bit RSA
Fingerprint: 7D02 8A5D 1CA7 3C84 C3A8 F14E DB23 2A80 8267 5E79

Certification policy

Level 3 “I have done very careful checking” certifications by me generally indicate that:

  • I personally know the subject of the key by that name, and have for some time;
  • I can readily and reliably recognize them; and
  • I verified their key fingerprint “in person”, which might include voice or video chat.

Level 2 “I have done casual checking” signatures by me generally indicate that:

  • I physically met this person, not by voice or video chat;
  • They presented me with very difficult to forge evidence1) of their identity2) and
  • I verified their key fingerprint at that time.

Level 1 “I have not checked at all”

  • I do not certify with that level.

Level 0 “I will not answer”

  • I do not certify with that level.

Instant Messengers

You can try to get in touch with me via instant messengers:

Communicator UID OTR Fingerprints
GaduGadu 3335 BC9F64E0 D3300D3D 79CCA078 FF99EC42 E987722F
XMPP 86DDDFB6 A0094B6A DF93C332 67A4FDAF E40C816A
“Very difficult to forge evidence of identity” often means state issued photo identification which I find convincing. It may also mean a personal attestation from someone who I know well and consider trustworthy.
I do not require that the UIDs I certify are someone's birth name, or the name on their government documents. I will certify a persistent pseudonym if that is the name someone goes by.
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