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Useful tools

Pacman and Pacaur handy help

pacman -Qdt         # list all packages which are orphaned
pacman -Qo          # determine which package owns a given file
pacman -Ql          # list all files installed by a given package
pacman -Sc          # delete all not currently installed package files

pacaur -Syu         # upgrade packages (synchronise before)
pacaur -Syu --devel # upgrade packages including development ones.
pacaur -Syyu        # force refresh and upgrade packages
pacaur -S           # install package(s)
pacaur -U           # install package from a file
pacaur -Si          # show information about a package
pacaur -Ss          # search for package(s)
pacaur -Qs          # search for package(s) in the local database
pacaur -Qi          # show information about a package in the local database

Troubleshooting Pacman

  • Pacman is currently in use, please wait.

If you get that error even if your pacman is nor running, just remove the lock file:

rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck
  • Missing gpg keys?

Are you missing a gpg keys? You can import it using:

gpg --recv-key 1D1F0fAFBC353680
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